About MF

My name is Conor Meade, Head Coach of Maximum Football. 

As long as I can remember, I’ve lived and breathed football. From a young age I was obsessed with the ‘beautiful game’. When I wasn’t playing football, I was analysing games and soaking up tactics. I had a real passion for it and eventually made it my career.

I’ve played at every level - from junior and amateur to semi-professional and professional. During my career in the League of Ireland I played for many teams including Waterford United and Cobh Ramblers.

I know the physical side of the game, but I also understand what’s required mentally to succeed. We all know the thrills and spills of football, the goals and the saves. But what most people don’t see is all the work that goes on in the background to hit those highs. That’s what interests me.

Today, I work with players from seven all the way up to adults to help them reach their potential. I get to know all my players so that I can zero in on what they need from me. Whether that’s conditioning, drills, leadership, teamwork and even life skills.

With me, it’s all about the complete package. And it’s that hyper focus that gets results. I’ve worked with Crystal Palace player Jake O’Brien, Hull City’s Sean McLoughlin, Republic of Ireland international Denise O’Sullivan, and Cathal Heffernan, who plays for AC Milan.

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