Conor & Maximum Football has been a massive help to me over the past few years. We have worked tirelessly together whether it was just a normal day or before my trials. It is important to do the extras and Conor is fantastic for individual work, programmes and he helps you to be a better player and person. He was a massive help to me and I appreciate everything he has done for me. Top man, Conor!

Cathal Heffernan; AC Milan (ex Cork City, Ringmahon)


Maximum Football has helped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. From getting the extra sessions in, to helping me stay on top of my fitness and nutrition, these things I never considered before I met Conor. Maximum Football gave me a whole other insight into the game. The professionalism Conor and his team bring is second to none. Maximum Football has really helped me in my journey and still helps me whenever I need it. Maximum Football will always try help you reach that next level and always motivate and push you to places you didn’t think you could go. I’m forever grateful to Maximum Football and highly recommend to any young footballer aiming to reach the stars.

Gabriel Otegbayo; Burnley FC (ex Cobh Ramblers)


Maximum Football has helped me in so many ways. From making sure I’m getting my extra sessions in, to helping with fitness and sharpness. Whether it’s for an upcoming season or during the season, Conor was always there for me. It has helped me to get that extra step ahead of others by doing these sessions and trying to reach the next level. Most importantly Maximum Football has helped me gain confidence and belief that I am good enough to push to the next level and build me up to reach my full potential. Getting coached by Conor, someone who has played the game at a high level, gives you an insight into football expectations, it makes you see how football works and the things you need to do to make it as professional footballer which is every kid's dream.

Leon Ayinde; Ipswich Town (ex Cork City FC).